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Adding a new backlink - LinkBox

Adding a new backlink

In order to add a new backlink, we need to have a domain (and a page) to add the backlink to. Follow these steps to add a new domain and a new page.

In this example, we’ll be adding the backlink to the page

1.- Adding a domain

To add a domain, click on the “add domain” button on the bottom of the left panel, enter your domain name and hit return (Enter). Only valid domain names are allowed. LinkBox will not allow you to add a domain if it doesn’t have a extension or if it has one or more spaces.

These are valid domain names:

  • linkbox.myunrealisticextension

These are invalid domain names

  • getlinkbox
  • getlinkbox com
  • get link


2.- Adding a page

Click on the newly created domain, you will now get a message telling you to add your first page. To do so, click on the “add page” button on the bottom of the same panel and enter your page name. Once you have entered a page name, hit return (Enter) to add a new page.

As opposed to domain names, LinkBox is more relaxed in relation to the allowed page names so the only requirement is to add a page with at least one letter or number. LinkBox has been designed to map 1:1 urls so it’s recommended that you use the path of the url as the page name. For example, if you’re adding the page:, you should use /buy-now as the page name.

3.- Adding a link


Finally, to add a new backlink, click on the newly created page to select it. Any link you’ll add now will be added to this page. When you have more than one page, you’ll have to select the page you want to add the link to.

Once you have selected a page, an “add link” button in the State Bar (bottom of the window) will appear. Click on it to add your backlink. A new empty backlink will appear on the center of the screen. This is where you can add your backlink url. Urls have similar requirements as domain names, so only valid urls are allowed. After entering the backlink url, hit return (enter) to save it. If you happen to click on the “add link” button by accident, make sure you delete the link that will appear on the screen as you’ll end up with a blank backlink otherwise. To delete it, right-click on the backlink and click “delete”.

Editing backlink fields

To set or edit backlink fields, double click on the field to open the editor. After you’ve entered the new values, hit return (enter) to save them.

Special fields

To set a follow type (dofollow), double click on the follow type field. A dropdown menu will appear, select the desired option to save it.

To set an expiration date, double click on the expiration date field. Valid dates are in the following format: YEAR (4 DIGITS) – MONTH (2 DIGITS) – DAY (3 DIGITS), each value separated by a dash. Spaces are not allowed. If we wanted to add June 7, 2019 as the expiration date, we’ll have to enter the following date: 2019-06-07

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