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Quick Search - LinkBox

Quick Search

Quick Search lets you quickly view any page links from any domain. This is extremely useful when you have many domains and pages. Instead of using the navigation system from the left panel, you can use this feature to view the desired page links more quickly.

To show the Quick Search window, hit CTRL + P (CMD + P on Mac) and type some letters from the domain name you want to see, then enter one space and then some letters of the page name you want to view the links from.

The Quick Search engine performs a very loose search operation, this means the engine returns domain and page names that contain the letters of the entered value. For example, if we wanted to go to a page, we don’t have to enter the full domain name, the following search strings will include the domain:

  • getli
  • gtlb
  • giox

With this in mind, we could view the links from with any of the following search strings:

  • buy now
  • getli bno
  • giox bw

Hitting return (enter) will make LinkBox go to the first result, you can use the navigation keys UP and DOWN to select a different page from the results set.

Future versions of LinkBox will expand this feature to filters as well.