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Link Sets and Stats - LinkBox

Link Sets and Stats

One of the greatest features about LinkBox is the ability to get useful statistics about your links. In this document we’ll take a look at the way the stats are handled.

Context Isolation

Stats are calculated based on the links of the current context. Links belonging to the same set -but different context- are not taken into account. The two main contexts are inbound and outbound. For example, if the current context is inbound, only inbound links will be used to compute the stats shown, even if there are outbound links with the same page and the same domain.

Current Set

All stats are calculated based on the current set of links.

  • When you have no domain or page selected, the stats for all your links across all domains and pages will be shown (links in the current context that is, as explained in the Context Isolation section above)
  • When you have selected a domain but not a page, stats for all links across all pages in that domain will be shown.
  • When you select a domain and a page, only stats for the links included in that page will be shown.
  • When you have one or more filters applied, the stats for the filtered links will be shown.

Quick Stats

The stats above the backlinks grid show some simple but useful stats to get an quick insight about the current link set.

Larger-sized values (A) show the stats for the current set, the smaller values (B) (global) show stats for all the links across domains and pages in the current context.

Advanced Stats

If you need to get a deeper analysis of your links, click on the burger menu on the right area of the Quick Stats, you will be shown a panel with advanced stats. You can view some general stats and you can also view stats for every keyword.