LinkBox Overview

LinkBox uses domains and pages to store your links. Every link is associated with a page, and every page is associated with a domain.

For example, if we want to keep track of the backlinks for the url:, we would have one domain with the name and under this domain we would have another page named buy-now. This is the page where we would store the links for that url.

Both inbound (the links from external sites pointing to a url from your site) and outbound (the links within your site that point to external sites) links are managed the same way. Each context (inbound and outbound) is isolated from one another, which means statistics like count, number of dofollow links, cost (to mention a few); filters, Expiring soon an exports are unique to the context currently being viewed.

For example, if you had 30 inbound links for the aforementioned page and only 5 outbound links, the count for those links would be 30 if you are viewing inbound links and 5 if you are viewing outbound links, rather than showing 35 total links.

Adding a backlink

Now that we now the very basics, let’s add a our first backlink.